Web-documentary – Borrowed Time

“Borrowed Time” is a web-documentary produced by 4 students as part of the Master’s Degree in Digital and Multimedia Projects for Bordeaux-Montaigne University. It is a question of raising the importance and the protean character of the Vintage phenomenon in the contemporary society, by questioning its roots and projecting the latter in all its integrity …

Synospis: In an attic, in the back of a garage, in the grandparents’ trunk and now in most of the trendiest shops, vintage is everywhere, for a few euros or small fortunes. Vintage becomes today a fashion, a way of life and integrates into our society by taking back the codes of yesteryear. To live vintage is to find values ​​of refuge, values ​​that touch and that bring back to a milder time. The photograph that freezes time allows us to plunge into these values ​​or exploit them in our time. It represents as much the single piece of the product produced in limited collection dating from 1981 as the snapshot which is full of memories or even the industrial reproduction of photographic codes. Come to discover in this webdocumentary a photograph of the Vintage, of its more usual understandings to its deepest turnings. Develop the thread of time and (re)discover the lightness of the glorious years.


  • Client:Master Conception de Projet Numérique et Multimédia
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    • After Effects
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