Portrait Fabrice Lassort

Note of intent: After meeting Fabrice at the second edition of Photomage in November 2015, we worked together to produce presentations of one of his photographic techniques thanks to a video support and a photographic novel. Thus, during the discussions, I had the chance to discover its different photographic techniques, its universe and the charismatic character he is. When Fabrice leaves on expedition, he generally likes to combine photographic techniques with subjects treated. Like many photographers, he is more inclined to talk technical than his sensibility, a form of modesty, their images speak for them. One thing is certain: it needs to be part of its own production: to tamper with its devices, its chemistry, to have this feeling of autonomy and mastery over the material nature of the image. Alternative photography allows him to think outside the box. His look adapts to each device, and the notion of time allows him a total immersion in his production: on average 4 images / day. His practice makes this seasonal activity, often dependent on light. He often has the sensation of effecting a reversal of the senses, a counterpart that allows it to relativize the rapidity of the world in which we all see and bring a suspension, a bracket for others. It will therefore be interesting to discuss, on the one hand, the techniques that he has mastered, but especially the sensitivity that these allow in his photographic practice. The relationship he maintains on the one hand with his instruments that he even realizes himself from raw materials and on the other hand with the affect that releases his productions. Despite everything, the economic situation of photographer is currently not the easiest in particular in the digital age. It will be a question of trying to understand the socio-economic-political context more or less favorable to the professional photographic practice via the personal point of view of Fabrice. This portrait will therefore try to answer several questions, to define the universe and the personality of Fabrice Lassort as well as to approach the current photographic world.


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