I'm Quentin, and you ?

Post-graduate master student in digital and multimedia projetcs, I acquired key skills throughout an eighteen months experience in an audiovisual production agency and six months as an assistant artistic director in a communication agency.

Aged 22 years, I’ve been studying and working for four years in Bordeaux. Currently in my second year of Master’s Degree in Digital Design and Multimedia at Bordeaux Montaigne University. Passionate about audiovisual production and photography since my youngest age, I put my skills into practice in projects as varied as enriching. I love to try different approaches of image styling or image look. I also got used to deal with new technologies that I now use on an everyday basis: directing, post-production, development, UX, project management…

Being versatile, I can afford more and more constructed and comprehensive projects. During my last internship at Nest Communication, I held the position of assistant art director, first assistant director, but also web designer and project manager.

Following several professional internships and experiences in the audiovisual field, I tend to work about new forms of audiovisual writing and the revival of livestream. This allows me to have a global vision of both technical and theoretical issues thanks to the bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication obtained in 2016 followed by the Master’s degree specialized in multimedia.

Since 2013, I’ve been working in parallel with my studies for different structures with audiovisual needs. Agencies of production, directors or in self-enterprise, I’ve been carrying out many projects that allow me to apprehend the professional world serenely.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question, reviews photos, videos, etc. I read constructive opinions with always as much passion.